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Quality Score Analyzer: Easily Examine Quality Score Data

Quality Score is one of the most important numbers inside your AdWords account. If your quality score is a 6 or under, changing bids should not be your first priority. In these cases, you should start working on quality score.

The reason quality score is so important is that it determines if many features will work with a keyword and can have a large affect on your accounts visibility.

Quality Score determines:

  • If your ad will be shown
  • The position of that ad
  • How much you pay for the click
  • If site links will work
  • If dynamic keyword insertion will work
  • If an ad will be displayed on a content site
  • Where on that content site the ad will be displayed
  • And moreā€¦

Quality score is so important that you must work on improving your quality score. However, it can be difficult to determine where you should start working on quality score.

The Quality Score Analyzer takes the guesswork out of determining where you should work on quality score within your account. This tool will show you exactly what ad groups need quality score improvement.

To learn how to improve your quality score and the necessary steps you should take; please subscribe to Certified Knowledge where you will find 8 comprehensive lessons on defining and improving quality score.

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