Keyword Mixer

Keyword Mixer Tool

The Keyword Mixer Tool makes it easy to take lists of words and easily create keyword lists.

These lists can contain one or more match types; a setting you can control.

These lists can easily be exported into an AdWords Editor format so that you can quickly make them active inside your AdWords account.

The Keyword Mixer Tool is a fantastic tool to use when you want to approach the long tail. Consider these stats:

  • 20% of searches each day are new or haven’t been completed in the last 6 months
  • 70% of queries have no exact-matched keywords
  • 54.5% of user queries are greater than 3 words

As searchers become more sophisticated and exacting in their search, more and more keywords are being used to generate search results. By using the Keyword Mixer Tool, you can create take advantage of these long tail searches.

The Keyword Mixer Tool can also be useful when you are trying to determine your ad groups. If you have a few lists of potential ad groups, you can use this tool to make a comprehensive list of the ad groups.

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