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Most PPC tools and bid management companies are too expensive for many advertisers to use.

We have developed several tools which we’ve been using in-house for years, and now we’re retooling them for public consumption.

We have several tools already which we will walk through, and many more tools will be released over the coming months.

You can watch a video tour of all the tools, or see more data about each one:

Report Analyzer Tool

The Report Analyzer

Quality Score Tool

Quality Score Analyzer

The Report Analyzer allows you to easily find where you are making and losing money. Stop wasting time in Excel, this tool will do much of the work for you.

Determine exactly where you need Quality Score help. We'll give you an ordered list (and help) of where you need to improve your Quality Scores.

Mass Ad Copy Tool

Mass Ad Copy Creator

Keyword Mixer Tool

Keyword Mixer

Easily create hundreds of ad copies across many ad groups. Perfect for creating ads for testing purposes or just building (or rebuilding) an account.

The tool is perfect for when you want to expand your keyword list; especially using long tail methods. Easily create thousands of keywords.

Confidence Testing Calculator

Confidence Testing Calculator

Geographic Keyword Finder

Geographic Keyword Finder

This tool will let you compare tests against the control group and let you know if any of your tests have reached statistical significance.

Get a list of the major geographic keywords available for your area. Find zip codes, cities, metros, counties, and more. Currently available on for the United States.

Broken Link Finder

Broken Link Finder

Server Header Checker

Server Header Checker

Stop wasting money sending traffic to broken pages. Use this tool to make sure your URLs work.

This tool will tell you the server status of any URL. Check to see if you are using redirects, have error pages, or see other server information.

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