Using Symbols in Ad Copy can have Dramatic Effects on CTR

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PPC Hero wrote a nice article on adding Copyright and Trademark symbols to ad copy.

Do you or one of your clients have a registered or trademarked company name? If so, try putting the trademarked or registered symbol in your PPC ads to help increase click-through rates.

The reasoning behind this strategy and how it may help increase your click-through rates is two-fold:

1.        It will help your PPC ad stand apart from other competitor ads in the SERPs.

2.       It will help ensure confidence in consumers that you are a professional business.

Honestly, I wish they hadn’t written the post. I tested out adding symbols with a company in 2002 and found that in highly competitive industries it can definitely help CTR. In highly researched industries (such as b2b), it can make a critical difference in your ad copy success.

I’ve been using this technique for 5 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone actually write about it. While some have used it before, no one’s actually said that much about it. Since the cat is out of the bag, here’s some info to go along with their post:

The easiest way to enter these symbols into your ad copy is to hold down the alt symbol, type the below number, and release the alt key:

  • Trademark symbol ™ – Alt + 0153
  • Copyright symbol © Alt +  0169
  • Registered trademark symbol ® Alt + 0174

It’s worth split testing using a symbol in your ad copy.

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