Top 10 Reasons PPC is better than SEO

11:25 am in PPC Marketing Blog by brad

There is always a huge debate about which is better: Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization. To help fuel the fires, here’s the top 10 reasons PPC is better than SEO.

1. You optimize a page for conversions, not search engines.

2. You don’t fear ‘The Dance’.

3. You determine the point of entry for your website.

4. You can easily change positions on a search results page.

5. You only pay for visitors.

6. You can easily test multiple offers.

7. Search engines offer support to help your ads rank and preform better.

8. You can use entirely flash websites (but only if you really want to).

9. Search engines treat you as partners, not infiltrators.

10. Great Swag.

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