The Conversion Optimization Equation with Brian Massey

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BAM-Cloose-Eyes-180x180We often talk about traffic acquisition strategies (AdWords, SEO, Display, Email, etc) on this blog and on Marketing Nirvana. When you use these channels correctly, you can bring highly qualified traffic to your site. The higher the traffic quality and qualifications, the more likely that traffic is to convert.

However, traffic  acquisition only brings you visitors – by itself, it does not make them customers. Converting traffic into customers falls into the domain of your website and the discipline of conversion optimization.

One of the gurus of this space is Brian Massey. Brian is the Conversion Scientist (complete with lab coat and laboratory). Recently Brian wrote a book called Your Customer Creation Equation. I read the book the other night and found it a great primer guide for conversion optimization. If you’re an expert in this field, then the book might not be for you. If you are new to the filed – it’s a great book.

However, there was a concept in the book that I found a nice twist on the typical landing page design process – build the page backwards. Start with the call to action, then add something for the customer to do, then add your benefit, etc. It’s such a great concept, that I did a full interview with Brian on the latest Marketing Nirvana radio show.

On the show, we talk about building pages backwards, conversion optimization, and some useful hints and tips to convert your traffic.

This show is going to be a great listen for anyone who cares about conversions, which should be everyone.

The show will air Monday, October 1st at 12 EST / 9am PST on Webmaster Radio.

You can learn more about Brian Massey here:

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I hope you enjoy the show!

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