Step-by-Step Instructions For Testing Low Volume Ad Copy

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My latest Search Engine Land Column is out. It looks through how to test low volume ad copy so that you can still do testing with low volume ads and receive similar benefits to accounts that have lots of traffic

Ad copy testing is essential for anyone running a paid search account. Testing ad copy in accounts in high traffic accounts is fairly easy as you can add new ad copies to existing ad groups, wait, and then examine the metrics.

However, for low volume accounts testing is not nearly as easy as it could take years to collect enough data to make statistical significant choices. Therefore, you need to employ specific testing methodologies to understand how aspects of ad copy behave across multiple ad groups at once.

In today’s column, I’ll use video to show how to create, test, and measure ad copy tests for low volume accounts.

Cross Ad Group Testing & Measurement

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Testing ad copy often leads to higher CTRs, lower CPAs, and ultimately, more profit for your paid search spend. However, when you have mixed signals such as click-through-rate and conversion rates, I prefer a simple number for testing: Profit per Impression.

Just as difficult as creating a test is interpreting the data. Utilizing pivot tables can save hours of analysis in combining data sets. If you are still learning to create pivot tables, please refer to Josh Dreller’s column on creating pivot tables.

Testing low volume accounts can be accomplished by utilizing these simple testing techniques. Testing is easy. The hard part is finding the initial momentum to sit down and write a few ads and then analyze the data.  Just remember, it doesn’t matter if you have a high or low amount of clicks each month  – you can do ad copy testing. When every test you run has the ability to increase your paid search account’s profits, ad copy testing should be an ongoing activity for every search marketer.

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