Some Suggestions from Google About the Content Network

1:22 pm in Contextual Advertising, Google AdWords by brad

I recently had a long conversation with Google (including the content PM) about the content network.

Here are a few suggestions from Google about the content network (most of these should not surprise anyone):

  • Only the first 50 words in an AdGroup are used to determine its theme
  • When an AdGroup has a large keyword list, Google’s matching isn’t as good and can get confused
  • If an AdGroup is only shown on content, then it can be very useful to use more general words
  • All keywords are treated as broadmatch when matching the AdGroup’s theme for content matching
  • The Google recommended content bid is usually 75% of the search bid
  • The typical content CPA (which I’m not sure if I can share so no numbers) is not significantly different (less than 10%) from search and content
    • Of course, this is significantly impacted by bidding content and search differently
  • It can be very useful to use site targeting with CPC bidding for ensuring your ads are shown on the highest converting content match websites

Content match resources:

On a side note, I finally responded to the comments about quality score and exact match impressions.

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