Revisiting Enhanced Campaigns with Melissa Mackey

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Mel_2012 A few months ago Melissa and myself did a Marketing Nirvana radio show on preparing for enhanced campaigns and anticipating trends and how to best transition your accounts with the new rules and features of enhanced campaigns.

We’ve all been using Google’s new enhanced campaigns for a few months now, and so it is now time to look at what we’ve learned, what we’re seeing, and what we think will be coming next.

I invited Melissa back on the show (and she graciously accepted) to talk through these insights and projections.

Melissa is the Search Supervisor at Gyro, the largest independent B2B agency in the world.  She contributes regularly to Search Engine Watch and Web Marketing  Today as a PPC expert.  She also hosts a blog,, where she writes on the topics of pay-per-click and search marketing.

You can also follow Melisa on Twitter at Mel66.

Melissa has been around this space for long enough that she’s a great one to bounce off ideas to see the trends in AdWords and try to determine what Google is doing, and where the marketers should be focusing their time and energy. We recorded the show recently, and it’s now available for download or online streaming.

You can stream the show at or download in iTunes.

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  • I hope you enjoy the show.

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