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Mike Blumenthal is a Google Places Gourmand. He has been around the local advertising space for several years and maintains a wonderful blog on local marketing.

I had known about Mike for several years and had even exchanged a few emails with him; but it wasn’t until last month when we were both in Germany for SMX Munich that I finally had the pleasure to talk local with Mike. After chatting with him for a bit (he really knows his stuff), I invited him to be on my radio show, Marketing Nirvana, and Mike gracefully accepted.

During the show, we chat about a variety of subjects:

  • Local marketing
  • Google places
  • How local companies should build their web presence
  • The top things local companies should do to success
  • AdWords Express vs AdWords
  • And more…

You can connect with Mike on:

If you are involved with local at all, you should listen to the show. There are a lot of very useful tips scattered throughout the episode.

The show will air on Monday, May 7th at 12 EST / 9am PST on Webmaster Radio.

While you’re waiting for this show to air, please check out some of our past episodes. The most recent past episodes include:

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You can find older episodes on iTunes or the archived show page.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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