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I’ve wanted to do a Marketing Nirvana show for a long time that doesn’t just involve social targeting; but really gets into social from its real goal – community building and engagement.

Now most of us are so busy with our jobs, managing accounts, testing, and so forth that we often can’t live by the ‘true social expert’ opinions on engagement and community building. So if we are building or engaging in a community, we’re doing it in our ‘spare’ time. That’s what this show focuses on, how to build or engage within a community in your spare time.

As most of our readers and listeners are PPC practitioners and not social engineers, I wanted to make sure that even PPC people can get value out of listening to a show on social; so I invited Matt Umbro who is the founder of PPCChat so that our social discussions revolve around PPC communities, opportunities, and brand building.

If you are unfamiliar with Matt Umbro, he’s the founder of PPC Chat and a Senior Account Manager, and Community builder at  Hanapin (the creators of PPC Hero).

We did two shows on social community building and engagement. In the show, we used PPCChat as an example; but the overall principles can apply to any community. The first show covers:

  • How PPCChat started
  • How it grew
  • Community influence
  • Picking your social networks
  • Engaging your community
  • Next steps in community growth

The second show covers:

  • Engaging your community to help you out with its growth
  • When you should pay for something versus reach out for community help (or both)
  • Community moderation
  • Time commitments and planning
  • Community brand growth
  • Monetizing your community
  • and quite a bit more

You can learn more about Matt & PPCChat here:

The first show aired on August 4, 2014 and is now available for listening on demand. The second show will air on August 18.

You can listen to the show on Webmaster Radio, download the shows from iTunes, download the WebmasterRadio.fm Google Play App and listen on your Android phone.

You can also check your favorite music player to see if we’re streaming there yet. We are currently on many stations, such as TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.

We’ve been recording shows for 3 years now, and here’s some of our past episodes of Marketing Nirvana:

  • Revisiting Bid Modifiers & Bing’s Coming Modifiers with Melissa Mackey
  • Learn About Competitive Analysis With Mike Colella
  • PPC War Stories with Matt Van Wagner
  • Remarkeitng Pro Tips Part 1 & 2 with Rob Sieracki
  • Quality Score with Fred Vallaeys
  • Mobile advertising best practices with Lisa Raehsler
  • Google AdWords Flexible Bid Strategies with John Lee
  • Adapting to the Overhaul of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns with Melissa Mackey
  • Starting & Growing your PPC Agency with David Szetela
  • Everything You Need to Know About Bing Ads With John Gagnon 
  • And many more..

See all past shows.

I hope you enjoy the shows.

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