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Retargeting, also known as Remarketing by Google,  allows you to serve ads based upon a user’s behavior on your website.

This is an excellent marketing technique to serve custom ads to users based upon their behavior. For instance, if someone added products to your shopping cart and then abandoned your site, you can serve an ad to that user to remind them to revisit your cart and checkout.  As this user almost converted, often a nudge from a remarketing ad can be the difference between another abandoned cart visit and a new sale.

That is a very simplistic example; and remarketing can become quite complex, and very effective, if used properly.

Rob Sieracki, someone I’ve known for several years, and who’s opinion I highly trust (which is not something I say often), is doing a lot of interesting things with remarketing. As I find that many remarketing campaigns are poorly built and optimized, I thought that Rob could share some of his remarketing wisdom on Marketing Nirvana and he graciously accepted to be on the show.

Rob is the Founder of Ox Optimal, a digital marketing firm based in Milwaukee. He brought one of his analysts on the show to add another viewpoint to the discussion, Nick Morgan.

The show was going so well as we were recording it that we decided to expand it to cover two episodes. Episode one aired this past Monday and is currently available in the archives, on iTunes, or in your favorite much app that has WebmasterRadio.fm shows. The second episode will air on March 3 at noon EST.

In the first episode we discuss:

  • What is remarketing
  • Advanced remarketing tactics
  • How to combine dimensions and segments to create remarking lists
  • and much more that gets into how the ads are served
  • What they Know, an interesting privacy report from the Wall Street Journal

In the second episode, we cover:

  • Creating remarketing ads
  • Dealing with ad fatigue
  • How Google serves image versus text ads
  • Crafting remarketing offers based upon segments
  • Time delays and other must-knows about remarketing

You can listen to the first show right now at Webmaster Radio, download it from iTunes, download the WebmasterRadio.fm Google Play App and listen on your Android phone. You can also check your favorite music player to see if we’re streaming there yet. We are currently on many stations, such as TuneIn, and will be on iHeartRadio very soon.

Learn more about Rob:

After you listen to the first show, you can check our past episodes while waiting for part 2.

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  • Mobile advertising best practices with Lisa Raehsler
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  • On page SEO Factors with Todd Mailcoat
  • And many more..

I hope you enjoy the shows.

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