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SEO is important to everyone. Even if you live in a world dominated by social and PPC; your presence on the search engines is something everyone should care about.

We often use PPC to test SEO, and there are the fun arguments if PPC is better than SEO.  Of course, the actual answer is: Use Both.

When you start looking at SEOs, it can be hard to determine who to trust: some are fantastic and others can get you banned. So, when I wanted to do a couple of radio shows on SEO; I wanted to find someone highly trustworthy who was excellent at explaining information.

It wasn’t hard to find someone, I turned to the Market Motive SEO instructor who I’ve known for years – Todd Malicoat.

Todd is one of the top SEOs in the world. He’s been involved in search optimization for a number of years and has worked on projects ranging from small to extremely large in scale.

I could talk about Todd for quite a while, he is that good – but its best to skip the accolades so you can get to the point – listening to Todd on the radio talk about SEO.

With SEO, there are number of factors, but it usually breaks down into a few categories:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Todd and I did two shows on SEO. One is specially on page factors and the other addresses off page factors. Both of these shows are now available on demand via our Marketing Nirvana Radio Page.

Todd is a great resource to follow, and you can find him at these places online:

I hope you enjoy the shows, you can find them here at Marketing Nirvana.

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