Learn About Managing Paid Search Accounts In-House

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Paid Search accounts are managed differently based upon if they are in-house or through an agency.

Agencies and in-house marketers have different reporting channels, stakeholders, and budget justifications.

One of my favorite in-house managers is Purna Virgi. When I first met Purna, many years ago, she was focused on paid search. Over the years, she has been so successful that she now manages a wide range of projects and initiatives at Stroll, one of the top language software companies in the world.

On this episode of Marketing Nirvana, Purna and I discuss both challenges and solutions of in-house PPC management.

We cover such topics as:

  • In-House vs Outsourcing all or part of traffic acquisition
  • Monitoring and working with vendors
  • In-house knowledge required to work well with vendors
  • In-house communication
  • Expectation setting for vendors and management
  • Getting management buy-in
  • Delivering good & bad news to management
  • And quite a bit more

You can easily connect with Purna on:

Purna also did a great presentation on In-House management at SMX, which I’ve embedded below.



You can listen to the show on iTunes, or Webmaster Radio.

You can also see the full archives of the show, including the speakers on the Marketing Nirvana Radio Show page.

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I hope you enjoy the show.

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