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Mel_2012The new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are making major headlines these days as its one of the largest changes ever made to the AdWords program. These changes rank up there with the 2005 changes that include the introduction of Quality Score and display advertising reporting and control.

These changes also undo many great features that AdWords has made in giving advertiser’s control over the past few years.

To start brainstorming about the changes and how they will affect your, I invited Melissa Mackey to be a guest on Marketing Nirvana where we could discuss enhanced campaigns and start thinking about how this will shift our thoughts around AdWords management.

Melissa is the Search Supervisor at Gyro, the largest independent B2B agency in the world.  She contributes regularly to Search Engine Watch and Web Marketing  Today as a PPC expert.  She also hosts a blog, www.beyondthepaid.com, where she writes on the topics of pay-per-click and search marketing.

You can also follow Melisa on Twitter at Mel66.

Melissa has been around this space for long enough that she’s a great one to bounce off ideas to see where AdWords is taking off. We recorded the show recently, and it’s now available for download or online streaming.

You can stream the show at WebmasterRadio.fm or download in iTunes.

There are many past episodes you can also see on the Marketing Nirvana page.

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