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Google rolled out some new bid types this past year that are rarely talked about, yet they can make managing your account much easier.

Some of these changes are:

  • Flexible bid strategies (of which there are several sub types of bidding)
  • The ability to do CPA bidding on one-per-click or many-per-click conversions
  • The brand new ROAS bidding option
  • Bid modifiers

Using flexible bidding can save you quite a bit of time in managing not only bids, but by allowing you to mix the bids types used within a single campaign. For instance, you can have one ad group that uses CPA bidding and another one that uses manual bidding.

In order to really dig deep into the best practices on flexible bidding and to get some overall thoughts on managing bids with Google, I invited John Lee to be my most recent guest  Marketing Nirvana where we discuss these various options, pitfalls, and advantages.

John Lee, Managing Director at Clix Marketing, one of the original bloggers at PPC Hero, and currently writes for Search Engine Watch a the Clix Marketing blog. Of course, he’s also in the weeds managing accounts as well.

The show will air November 4th at 9am PST / 12p EST on Webmaster Radio; and the archives will be available at on the Marketing Nirvana Radio page.

You can find more out about John & Clix marketing here:

If you’re eager to start reading about Flexible Bid Strategies, you can find some information here:

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    I hope you enjoy the show.

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