Is it me you’re looking for? Inside the Mindset of Search [Infographic]

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Earlier this year, conducted a qualitative survey that resulted in identifying three primary mindsets of Search: Answer me, Educate me and/or Inspire me. (Please note, has taken down the study so we can no longer link to it).

One of the top findings in the report confirms that “People’s behaviors, needs and preferences in the offline world drive their behaviors and preferences online.”

The most interesting finding to me was the idea that people go to Search to find a certain type of expert. sums it up like this – “The right kind of advertising could be the expertise people are looking for.”

Experts in the study are identified by Searchers as allies – those with topical experience or motivation; credentialed experts – PhDs, MDs, CPAs, etc; and finally, crowds – reviews, votes, and other social evidence from people the Searcher does not know.

Click the graphic below to learn more about the results from this survey:

psychology of search infographic

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