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Google rolled out a massive change yesterday, called Google instant. You can see a brief video here about the feature.

If you watch closely when someone is typing, not only do the results change as you type, so do the ads.

The way impressions are counted will change. An impression will be counted when:

  • The user begins to type a query on Google and clicks anywhere on the page (a search result, an ad, a spell correction, a related search).
  • The user chooses a particular query by clicking the Search button, pressing Enter, or selecting one of the predicted queries.
  • The user stops typing, and the results are displayed for a minimum of three seconds.

It’s the last one that might change your impressions dramatically. If you happen to have some 1-3 word keywords in your account that are in the suggestion bar, then your ads might also gather more clicks that previously.

The easiest way to quickly see instant results is to either type them into the Google search box or use Web Seer. If you happen to find another tool that lets you easily download search suggestion variations – please let me know.

If your willing to do some testing on these new suggestions (you have a bit of money to test with); do this:

  1. Choose a few of your root keywords (generally the 2 word variety)
  2. Type these words into Google instant or web seer
  3. Make a list of these words
  4. Break them into appropriate ad groups
  5. Enable ACE (AdWords Campaign Experiments)
  6. Create new ad groups with these words
  7. Make these brand new ad groups part of your experimental campaign
  8. Let the experiment collect data
  9. Measure the results

Do your new keywords just have lots of impressions and few clicks?
Do your new words have lots of clicks and few sales?
Did both clicks and conversions increase?

If you have good clients, telling them about this type of experiment and how you are already working on testing a brand new search system to see if you can gather more conversions for them the day after something launches often gets you bonus points.

Note for Certified Knowledge members: If you need help with this experiment; please post in the forums and I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. I’m going to do some testing with this method to try and measure click, volume, and conversion changes – and I’ll let everyone know about my results.

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