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We’ve been quietly rolling out some social media accounts lately to test various channels and messages.

I thought I’d take a moment to show the best places to follow us as our test accounts aren’t usually the best places.

First off, this blog is the best place to see detailed insights about our AdWords experiences, thoughts, AdWords Seminars, and tool updates. You can subscribe to the blog.


We have three twitter accounts.

My Twitter account, @bgTheory is mostly comprised of AdWords marketing and other marketing things I find interesting. However, you will also see my personal rants (usually against poor customer experiences from large companies), and a variety of other things. that I find interesting.

Certified Knowledge now has a twitter account @ck_org. This account is used for some customer support, but the vast majority of the tweets are about online marketing.

Leslie Clark (our VP of marketing)  can be found @LeslieClark. Her account varies from autism to online marketing to just other fun stuff she finds.


Our main page is for the AdWords Seminars. You can become a  fan of the AdWords Seminars for Success here.

Our Certified Knowledge page will be up in the next few weeks. We have some special things planned for the site and to coordinate the launch with a new feature of this site. We’ll update the blog (and Facebook) when we finish this project.


Google+ does not yet have company pages; so you’re just following myself or Leslie again. I think our Google+ pages will end up being half industry and half fun stuff (for instance, I have quite a few pictures from my Safari in Kenya on Google+ and picasa.

Connect with Brad Geddes.

Connect with Leslie Clark.


My original YouTube channel is here.

We will be updating in the future, our Certified Knowledge channel with some of our free videos; although right now it is a YouTube marketing test site (and most of the videos are not public due to our various testing).


Finally, if you wish to connect with us on a professional level – LinkedIN is one of the best places (and of course, we like getting recommendations as well – although, none of us have really pushed out messages to ask for recommendations).

You can find Brad at LinkedIN here.

You can find Leslie here.

Just Want to Know More About Us?

If you just want to know more about the people who run this site, you can also read about what we’ve done over the years on our about us pages.

Brad’s info is here.

Leslie’s info is here (and really needs to update her bio page).

It’s been fun writing about online marketing for roughly a decade now and getting to meet many of your at various conferences and seminars. I hope to see you on one (or more) of the social sites as well.

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