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Google has announced another update to specifications of their shopping feed.

These new specifications will begin to be enforced September 30th, 2014. So make sure you are compliant before September 30th to avoid any downtime.

Ok, so what do you need to know…

New Attributes

Mobile Link

Google has added the option to provide a mobile specific page for mobile users. You can now use the mobile link attribute to submit your mobile product pages if you have a separate mobile optimized page. If you use responsive technology on your site or do not have a mobile page you will not need to utilize this new attribute.

If you provide a mobile landing page link in the new ‘mobile link’ attribute, the same enforcement rules as for the ‘link’ attribute apply. For more details on mobile page rendering and app download requirements, refer to our new landing page content policy.

Is Bundle

Merchant defined bundles are expanding to cover any product sold with various accessories or add-ons. The classic example Google provides is a camera combined with a bag or lens.

These items must contain a clearly marked main item and remember, if the item is not specified, the default value is FALSE and the title and description must address the main item and the add-on.

Availability Date

The availability date attribute has been added to let shoppers know when pre-ordered products will be available for delivery.

New Apparel Articles

Age Group

The new age group attribute allows advertisers to submit the appropriate age group intended for each item

Age group categories include Newborn, Infant, Toddler, Kids, and Adult.

Size System

Google has added an attribute to identify the country’s sizing system in which you are submitting the item.

For example, if you are a shoe retailer and are submitting to the UK. You now have the option to denote the sizing system for the UK and UK sizes.

Size Type

The new size type attribute covers the cut of your item. Clothing retailers may now submit size categories like Regular, Petite, Plus, Big and Tall, and Maternity.

Removed Attributes

Available for Order

The available for order attribute is being removed from the feed and will be replaced by the in-stock attribute. All items that can be shipped in a timely manner should now be submitted as in-stock.

Character Limits

Google has now provided clear character limits for most attributes that are mandatory. Abiding by the character attributes will allow all products to display properly.

Google Shopping Character Limits

I highly recommend scrubbing through your feed to ensure you are within the character limits on all attributes as items that exceed these limits will be disapproved.

Image Quality Recommendations

Image quality recommendations have been outlined to ensure products are clearly visible in product photography.

For example, Google suggests taking photos of products against white, gray, or lightly colored backgrounds.

New Landing Page Content Policy

Landing pages are a big deal and Google has now replaced the Destination URL Policy with a new Landing Page Content Policy.

The new policy outlines landing page requirements clearly with more background details, and new examples and explanations for implementation of landing page URLs.

Review the updated information in the new feed specifications and a summary of attribute requirements to help prepare for these changes.

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