Google Changes Ad Display Rules & Creates a New Testing Opportunity

9:00 am in Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog by brad

Google just announced they are changing the ad copy display rules:

For some ads where each line appears to be a distinct sentence and ends in the proper punctuation, description line 1 will be moved to the headline and separated by a hyphen. As a result, some top placement ads will have longer headlines

Here’s the example provided by Google:


I’d expect this to increase your CTR, but more clicks don’t always equate to more revenue.

A new test you might want to try is to find an ad group where most of the ads are displayed in the top positions. Then create two ads:

  1. Write one ad copy that ends in a sentence ending punctuation mark, such as a question mark, period, or exclamation mark
  2. Create another ad that doesn’t end in such a mark.

Then examine the difference in CTR, conversion rates, and of course, profit per impression.

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