Everything You Need to Know About Bing Ads With John Gagnon

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When we talk PPC; we’re usually referring to Google’s advertising product. However, there is another network out there that commands 30% market share – Bing. Bing Ads is a fantastic source of traffic and customers.

In fact, there are 51 million Americans that you can’t reach with Google as they are exclusive to the Bing network (which includes Yahoo!).

As Bing is underused by many search marketers, I wanted to do a radio show on just Bing to make sure everyone has the proper information about Bing and knows how to easily get started utilizing this network.

One of my favorite things about Bing is their willingness to engage with the paid search community. So, I reached out to John Gagnon, the Bing Evangelist to see if he wanted to do a show just on Bing Ads and he readily agreed.

The Show Outline

We start off the show talking about ‘Why Bing?’ and get into the unique audience stats.

Then we move into what I think is the most important section for the seasoned paid search marketer – how Bing and AdWords differ. While Bing has modified broad match, a display network, and a variety of features that you will find in AdWords – there are some differences between the systems. It’s by understanding these differences that will let you ensure you are running an effective Bing account.

Finally, we get into how to easily get started with Bing. There’s a feature in Bing that allows you to sync your AdWords account to Bing. This makes it very easy to get started with Bing. However, even after you first start, if you want to resync your account at a later time – you can, so you can essentially keep your accounts mirrored in both the networks. Now, this wouldn’t be ‘best practice’ as you’d want to test and bid the two networks independently. However, for the time strapped marketer – it’s a great feature.

Show Resources

On the show, we talk about a few features of Bing, here are the resources for the discussed features:

In addition, on the show we talk about tracking Bing in Google Analytics, here is the basic information on how to code your links with Bing’s information for Google Analytics:


The show can be found around the web here:

Connect With John & Bing

John Gagnon and the Bing community is easy to connect with, and you can easily find them around the web:

I hope you enjoy the shows, you can our other episodes here at Marketing Nirvana.

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