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I find that some of the most entertaining and enlightening conversations I have with other marketers is stories with  how their clients act, how to deal with problem clients, their fun stories, worst stories, Google problems, and so forth.

Its amazing what you can learn from just hearing how others have dealt with both good and bad issues that have arisen over the years.

I thought this would be a great topic to cover on Marketing Nirvana: Educational, yet Entertaining, marketing stories. So, I invited Matt Van Wagner to join me for a show, and he graciously accepted.

If you are unfamiliar with Matt, he’s the president of Find Me Faster, a regular conference speaker, a humanitarian, and the technical editor for the 2nd & 3rd editions of Advanced Google AdWords.

We started talking about:

  • Cause marketing
  • How to make a profit and yet still do good for the world
  • Our best clients
  • What makes a great client
  • Dealing with feature creep & scope issues
  • How to fire a client and still end up on good terms
  • What happens when Google changes something and you get blamed
  • and lots of entertaining tidbits in-between

The show was going so well, we decided to record a double episode. In the second episode we cover being the middle person between clients and the search engines and how to be a good agent and middle man when there are three parties involved.

The first show will air on April 7 at 9am PST / Noon EST at  Webmaster Radio. Shortly after the show airs, you can download it from iTunes, download the WebmasterRadio.fm Google Play App and listen on your Android phone. You can also check your favorite music player to see if we’re streaming there yet. We are currently on many stations, such as TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.

Learn More about Matt Van Wagner:

  • Find Me Faster, Matt’s PPC agency
  • Connect with Matt on LinkedIN
  • Connect on Twitter 

While your waiting for the first show, you can check our past episodes of Marketing Nirvana:

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  • And many more..

See all past shows.

I hope you enjoy the shows.

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