Connect Your Google Analytics Goals to Your AdWords Conversion Tracking

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Google very quietly rolled out a new feature – use your Google analytics goals as conversions in your AdWords accounts.

It’s been live for at least a week; and very straightforward to use.

Navigate to the conversion tracking screen (in either UI); and there’s a link for ‘Link your Analytics goals and transaction’.

Google AdWords- Conversion Tracking_1241803552075

However, when you go to link your AdWords and Analytics goals together, you can only use Goal 1 from your Google Analytics account:

Google AdWords- Conversion Tracking_1241803627358

Hopefully, this will be fixed sometime in the future.

Goal Confusion

I looked for a while; but as much as I could have – so if you know the answer or the link please post it in the comments.

Google Analytics treats a goal as the last site entrance, and is attributed to the day of the click.

Google AdWords treats as goal as the last AdWords ad clicked, and the goal as the date of the click (not the date of the conversion).

Therefore, is linking these two together just going to create more goal confusion – or will some nice pattern work itself out?

Google has ahelp file on connecting AdWords and Analytics; however, on that page the link to the help file “Read about how AdWords Conversion Tracking works with Google Analytics once the two are linked.” goes to a 404, not found page; hence the unanswered questions above.


I might have to set up another couple profiles and just set up single goals to see how well this works.

Since Analytics is a 1st party cookie, and AdWords is a 3rd party cookie – the analytics would be a better tracking mechanism once the details for how a conversion is actually counted are determined. The business rules laid out by Google will determine if this is actually useful for all.

I’d love to hear comments, links to other articles where this is discussed.

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