29 01, 2015

The Best Ads Testing Metrics for Lead Generation Campaigns

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This post originally appeared on the adAlysis ad testing blog.
There are many metrics you can test by; however, the best testing metrics for determining success vary by industry.

Often the lead generation industry is lumped together as a type of advertising campaign: just get me leads. It should not be classified this way. Within lead […]

24 03, 2011

Step-by-Step Instructions For Testing Low Volume Ad Copy

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My latest Search Engine Land Column is out. It looks through how to test low volume ad copy so that you can still do testing with low volume ads and receive similar benefits to accounts that have lots of traffic

Ad copy testing is essential for anyone running a paid search account. Testing ad copy […]

2 03, 2011

Automating The Ad Test Visualization Tool Download File

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Yesterday, Chris wrote a fantastic post on Automating The Ad Test Visualization Tool.
However, I forgot to include the link where you can download the file. The post has been updated to include the excel file so that you can download it and do the same analysis as Chris walked through in the article.
You can […]

1 03, 2011

Automating The Ad Test Visualization Tool

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I came across a great post earlier this week written by Chad Summerhill of PPC Prospector, detailing an Excel process to visually report Ad Copy Tests. This allowed a user to quickly sort through a fair amount of data and confidently read results based upon the charts. You can see a winner, and ensure […]

15 02, 2011

Visualizing your Ad Test Results to Boost Confidence

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This is a guest post by Chad Summerhill, Author of the blog PPC Prospector, provider of free PPC tools & PPC tutorials, and AdWords Specialist at Moving Solutions, Inc. (UPack.com and MoveBuilder.com).

Over the past few weeks I’ve been seeing more discussion about the math behind our ad testing efforts.  Can we trust our results?  Is […]