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31 07, 2012

Social Media Overwhelm: Tools that Make a Difference

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Are you spending too much of your day jumping from one social network to another to monitor your feeds and post updates? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you log in to your social media accounts daily—or close to it—in a never-ending battle to get the upper hand on social media marketing. Yet, somehow, you […]

26 04, 2012

Understanding the Power of Social Media

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This is a guest post contributed by Carla Gregson, on behalf of Hanapin Marketing – a PPC management company that provides results-driven, service-orientated pay per click management services to help businesses grow.
In 2009, Alex Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, gave a short talk on titled, Alexis Ohanian: How to Make a Splash in Social […]

5 04, 2011

Can’t Keep Up With Your Twitter Feed? Two Sites Come to the Rescue

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Twitter is one of my favorite listening tools. I find it more useful to listen and find new and interesting news than I do as a promotional vehicle. That’s not to say I don’t find revenue in Twitter – I definitely do. However, that’s not its best purpose. Keeping up with your […]

8 03, 2011

Why All Social Media Efforts May Not Be Truly Social

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"We need to get more active in social media!" I’m sure those very words have been uttered in many conference rooms (or online meetings) throughout the country over the past 2-3 years. Of course, the smart marketer knows that activity does not always equate to revenue.  So where do you start when you […]

21 01, 2011

Why Twitter Has Become My Favorite Instant Messenger

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I’ve long had a theory that the easier you are to contact, the stupider the questions become. For instance, how many times has someone sent you an instant message about a simple question, and if you answer the question right away, you get the same question from the same person again? If […]

2 10, 2009

Before you hire a Social Media Guru – Watch this Video

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How can an industry that is less than a few years old have more gurus than the yellow page industry? How can an industry that has issues proving returns charge so much for their services? There are social media experts […]