24 07, 2009

5 Ways To Track Phone Calls Generated From PPC Clicks

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My latest Search Engine Column is out, titled: “5 Ways To Track Phone Calls Generated From PPC Clicks”.

Understanding how many phone calls are generated from your PPC accounts is essential to making good marketing decisions. There are 5 main ways (6 if you could dynamic number writing as a method, see the article comments) […]

13 07, 2006

Click to Call & Pay Per Call – What's the difference?

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Click to Call (CTCall) and Pay Per Call (PPCall) are often used interchangeably when they are in fact, quite different.

Pay Per Call (often called PPCall) is similar to PPC (Pay Per Click) except that instead of bidding for clicks to your website, one is bidding for calls. This is a fairly generic term that […]

11 04, 2006

Verizon Offers Pay Per Call Solution

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Verizon has launched a PPCall solution, however, it is a bit different than the other offerings on the market.

Verizon is building static ads with static phone numbers. However, those wishing phone calls are still bidding in an auction style for those leads. Sound confusing? It’s really not, it’s just a different model.

Basically, Verizon is […]

12 12, 2005

Skype Toolbar allows Local Searching

By |December 12th, 2005|Local Advertising News, PPC Marketing Blog, PPCall|1 Comment

Skype (owned by eBay) has partnered with several local directories to allow localized search through their toolbar.

The countries available are:


While this is mostly European, it does have some very interesting applications in the future of Pay Per Call:

Have you tried the toolbar on our local search partners� websites? If you do, you�ll notice that […]

9 11, 2005

Yahoo ads PPCall

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The pay per call trademark is owned by Ingenio. Not sure what Yahoo is going to call their pay per call solution; however, there are many reports of them currently offering a beta test solution on the PPCall platform.

Google is calling their solution Click to Call.

The Kelsey blog has some information about this test.

Expect […]

7 11, 2005

Ingenio to display PPCall ads on Local.com

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Local.com is an up and coming local based search engine. Their user query is increasing each month, and so is their local data.

Ingenio has been a pioneer in the PPCall (pay per call) arena, and continues to look for new quality distribtuion.

This partnership should be very good for both companies as they look to […]

15 04, 2005

AOL launches Pay Per Call

By |April 15th, 2005|Local Advertising News, PPC Marketing Blog, PPCall|0 Comments

AOL will feature Ingenio ads on regular search results. This will be the first major distribution deal for Ingenio. Pay Per Call works very similar to Pay Per Click - a business only pays when a call is in place. Ingenio has informed us that they have quite a few quality control specs in place. For instance, a call won't be charged if it's under a certain number of seconds. Also, under some conditions they'll be able to tell if an answering machine picked up and then not charge the call as well.