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8 09, 2011

Attend the Top 11 AdWords Mistakes Webinar Next Tuesday

By |September 8th, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|2 Comments

Updated: Doh! It’s on Tuesday, 9/13/11
Next Wednesday, 9/14/11, I will be conducting a free webinar on the top 11 AdWords Mistakes as part of my Market Motive PPC class. What I find top mistakes lists are useful for are learning what you don’t know so that you can focus on the areas where […]

19 07, 2011

The One Minute AdWords Account Diagnosis

By |July 19th, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|1 Comment

Every PPC account wants to know how to increase their exposure, especially if they feel there aren’t new keywords they wish to add. There is a simple way to determine how to increase an account’s exposure that can be accomplished in less than a minute. Generally, when looking to increase your exposure […]

14 07, 2011

An Endless Supply Of Adwords Ads For Your Split-Test Experiments

By |July 14th, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|1 Comment

I created the diagram below about a year ago. I use it every time I have writer’s block and completely out of ad writing ideas or when I need to brainstorm new ad texts quickly. It comes in very handy especially with content network ads since I can test as many of them as […]

14 06, 2011

2 Little Known Ways To Increasing CTR And Quality Score

By |June 14th, 2011|Google AdWords|10 Comments

This is a guest post by Chris Thunder, who just launched a platform that helps Adwords advertisers improve their Quality Scores for cheaper Google Adwords traffic. Check it out at Follow him on twitter and see if can be useful to you.

If I ask you what you need to do in order […]

2 06, 2011

Get Valuable Insights into the Google Display Network with Shelley Ellis

By |June 2nd, 2011|Contextual Advertising, Google AdWords, Marketing Nirvana, PPC Marketing Blog|0 Comments

I’ve known Shelley for several years and she’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met when it comes to Display Advertising. In fact, she’s earned the name Display Advertising Evangelist due to her dedication to the space. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shelley for Marketing Nirvana. The episode will air June […]

3 05, 2011

Improve Quality Score Or Die

By |May 3rd, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|3 Comments

This is a guest post by Chris Thunder who pretends to know a thing or two about SEM. He’s a quality score freak, and if you want charts like the ones presented in this post for your own data, it’s easy to get them with TenScores: The Quality Score Tool.
From 10 to 8, it’s […]

2 05, 2011

Did Google Just Say 3% of All AdWords Clicks Lead to Conversions?

By |May 2nd, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|0 Comments

Google recently make a blog post about a free webinar they are hosting to teach people about remarketing. However, that’s not the interesting part of the post. This is: 97% of new visitors do not convert the first time they arrive at your site. To me, […]

17 03, 2011

Evaluating the Impact of AdWords Sitelinks

By |March 17th, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|9 Comments

This is a guest post by Chad Summerhill, Author of the blog PPC Prospector, provider of free PPC tools & PPC tutorials, and AdWords Specialist at Moving Solutions, Inc. ( and

Earlier this month, I was auditing data in our web analytics data warehouse when I came across some AdWords keywords that were being tracked […]

22 02, 2011

Waiting too long for Image Ad Approval on AdWords?

By |February 22nd, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|2 Comments

I often find that my image ads (for accounts without reps) get approved within 1 hour, 3 days, or they stay in the ‘review status’ forever. The Google AdWords queue seems to break quite often as I’ve seen this trend for more than a year where most images are not either approved or […]

10 02, 2011

6 Tactics That May Put You At Risk Of Being Banned From AdWords

By |February 10th, 2011|Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|1 Comment

My latest Search Engine Land article is out and examine the top ways in which accounts are being blacklisted from AdWords. Every few months there is an outcry from advertisers because they received the dreaded notification email from Google – their accounts were banned. Some accounts eventually get reinstated, some […]