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3 02, 2008

Some Suggestions from Google About the Content Network

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I recently had a long conversation with Google (including the content PM) about the content network. Here are a few suggestions from Google about the content network (most of these should not surprise anyone): Only the first 50 words in an AdGroup are used to determine its […]

7 08, 2007

Combat Click Fraud By Blocking Low Quality Traffic

By |August 7th, 2007|Contextual Advertising, PPC Marketing Blog|0 Comments

My latest article: Combat Click Fraud By Blocking Low Quality Traffic was published at Search Engine Land today.


How to block your ads from showing in certain countries
How to block competitors from clicking on your ads
See which content network sites are sending you traffic
How to keep yourself from showing for keyword searches
How to block content […]

13 07, 2007

How to Optimize a Contextual Advertising Campaign

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My latest article on Search Engine Land is now out that goes into depth about contextual optimization:
The major pay per click engines, such as Google and Yahoo, include two different types of distribution: On their own search engine result pages, and on content pages elsewhere on the web. These two types of advertising, while […]

23 04, 2007

If you're showing contextual ads on your site – Do Not Block these Bots

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Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have bots that belong to their contextual ad programs.

These bots spider web pages to understand what the page is about so they can match appropriate advertising.

If any publishers are blocking these bots they will keep themselves from having the proper (or in some cases, any) ads show on their website.

Block […]

2 08, 2006

Microsoft adCenter to Launch Contextual Program This Fall

By |August 2nd, 2006|Bing PPC - adCenter, Contextual Advertising, PPC Marketing Blog|0 Comments

Microsoft plans to launch their own contextual program this fall. It will be a US only invite pilot, however, one can request to be invited. What’s going to be interesting to see is how many features they plan on porting into contextual. For instance, they plan on supporting demographic targeting.

13 12, 2005

Increasing the Effectiveness of AdSense Ads through Section Targeting

By |December 13th, 2005|Contextual Advertising, PPC Marketing Blog|0 Comments

One of the largest problems with AdSense is often the ads are irrelevant to your content. This is especially true of blogs where the ads might be about blogging, or the rest of your navigation, and not about the specific topic on that page. There's a feature in AdSense called "Section Targeting" which can dramatically increase the relevancy of your ads.

7 11, 2005

Google Pushing Firefox

By |November 7th, 2005|Contextual Advertising, PPC Marketing Blog, Search Engines|0 Comments

The Google AdSense blog just published the new details on the AdSense referral program.

Users who sign up for AdSense through your referral button will learn about a great product, and you’ll have a new way to generate revenue – $100 when each user you refer first earns $100.

There are a large number of banners […]

29 10, 2005

Smart Pricing Info from Inside AdSense

By |October 29th, 2005|Contextual Advertising, Google AdWords, PPC Marketing Blog|0 Comments

There have been quite a few discussions on the web recently about Smart Pricing.

A quick overview of AdSense / AdWords smart pricing:

Because contextually targeted ads on our content network sometimes return lower conversion numbers than ads on search results pages, clicks from the content network use “smart pricing” adjustments. Google’s smart pricing technology […]