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9 07, 2014

A Conversation About Bing’s New Bid Modifiers With Melissa Mackey

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Bing Ads recently announced they are going to add device bid modifiers to their system. Their bid modifiers are rolling out in a few phases and they are going to add tablet modifiers, which AdWords does not have.

Last year Melissa Mackey and I did two shows on modifiers with respect to AdWords that were […]

5 06, 2014

Learn About Competitive Analysis With Mike Colella

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The latest episode of Marketing Nirvana focuses on competitive analysis for display Campaigns. These display campaigns could be GDN, or any other of the display networks. While we specifically focus on display, much of what is discussed could be applied to search analysis as well.

To fully explore this topic, I invited Mike Colella to […]

8 05, 2014

PPC Stories Part 2 With Matt Van Wagner

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Listening to other marketer’s war stories can give you insight into how to work with clients, your boss, search engines, and just be a better marketer in general by learning from their mistakes and failures. Matt Van Wagner and I did recent Marketing Nirvana show that was all about entertaining […]

3 04, 2014

Entertaining & Educational PPC Stories with Matt Van Wagner

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I find that some of the most entertaining and enlightening conversations I have with other marketers is stories with  how their clients act, how to deal with problem clients, their fun stories, worst stories, Google problems, and so forth. Its amazing what you can learn from just hearing how others […]

11 03, 2014

Remarketing Tips Part 2 from Marketing Nirvana is Now Available

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Rob Sieracki and I created a two part Marketing Nirvana show on Remarketing, and both episodes are now available to listen to via streaming or download. The first episode covers: What is remarketing Advanced remarketing tactics How to […]

4 02, 2014

Learn Advanced Remarketing Techniques with Rob Sieracki

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Retargeting, also known as Remarketing by Google,  allows you to serve ads based upon a user’s behavior on your website. This is an excellent marketing technique to serve custom ads to users based upon their behavior. For instance, if someone added products to your shopping cart and then abandoned your […]

3 01, 2014

Learn About Ad Rank Changes and Detailed Quality Score Information with Fred Vallaeys

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Throughout the history of AdWords, there a have only been three main ways that Google Determines Ad Rank. 2002: AdWords Launches for everyone: Ad Rank = Max CPC x CTR 2006: Quality Score introduced: Ad Rank = Max CPC x Quality Score […]

5 12, 2013

Getting started with mobile: Strategies, Tips, and Advice from Lisa Raehsler

By |December 5th, 2013|Marketing Nirvana, PPC Marketing Blog|1 Comment

For the past several years, the next year was predicted as the ‘year of mobile’; yet, year after year it never arrived – until last year.

Last year (2012) saw smartphone usage double in the US (and many other countries), search queries increase dramatically, and mobile finally arrive. 2013 is almost over, and even though […]

31 10, 2013

Learn About AdWords Flexible Bid Strategies with John Lee

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Google rolled out some new bid types this past year that are rarely talked about, yet they can make managing your account much easier.

Some of these changes are:

Flexible bid strategies (of which there are several sub types of bidding)
The ability to do CPA bidding on one-per-click or many-per-click conversions
The brand new ROAS bidding option
Bid […]

15 10, 2013

Revisiting Enhanced Campaigns with Melissa Mackey

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A few months ago Melissa and myself did a Marketing Nirvana radio show on preparing for enhanced campaigns and anticipating trends and how to best transition your accounts with the new rules and features of enhanced campaigns. We’ve all been using Google’s new enhanced campaigns for a few months now, and so […]