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24 07, 2006

Be Careful of Security Issues when Using Wiki's and Blogs with Trackbacks

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When a website automatically posts comments to another site it is called a trackback. Essentially, Blogs and many Wiki’s automatically post comments on a website’s page (when comments are enabled) when one links to that particular page. In most cases, the trackbacks and comments are used to create a discussion around a particular subject. Hence why Wiki’s and Blogs are key to developing an internet community.

However, wiki’s are also often used in development projects, and if you are not careful with the security settings, you can give away your development secrets. […]

21 07, 2006

Feedburner Helps Websites Understand Their Content

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RSS (really simple syndication) has changed the way users and websites utilize the web. Whenever a new technology comes along that changes the way we interact with the web, new companies emerge to assist with the process and introduce even more new technologies that are built upon making these technologies usable. Enter Feedburner.

The next big thing is what makes the current big thing better
Unfortunately, I can't remember who said that (and it might not be in it's exact form), but that is essentially what Feedburner is accomplishing. RSS is a technology which allows publishers to push their content around the web. Instead of relying on email and newsletters to keep consumers updated with news or features, RSS puts consumers in control. If one wants to subscribe to a website, news source, etc, then one can choose a Feed Reader (which one day will be as common a term as an email program) to organize their content. Essentially, it allows one to subscribe to information and then have it organized within a program (or website) and then new content will show up in the reader as it becomes available.

16 07, 2006

Add a contact form to WordPress

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Please, don’t use a simple mailto link on the web. That’s the single easiest way to increase the amount of spam you receive. Instead, use a contact form. WordPress has some plugins for email. If these don’t work for you, I’ve included other options available. If you don’t use wordpress, please skip below, there […]

10 05, 2006

Video Game Advertising Speculation

By |May 10th, 2006|eWhisper's Notebook, PPC Marketing Blog|1 Comment

I recently setup my xBox 360 to connect to the live service so I can see how Microsoft is using the xBox to combine users to MSN Spaces and bring the community together via both the living room (via xBox) and online (via computer) and how it will develop and act based upon services, […]

27 11, 2005

Backing Up Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is my favorite email program, but when it comes to backing up files, it can be a little tricky. There are three major aspects of Microsoft Outlook that you need to consider.
Microsoft Outlook PST File

The main file in Outlook is called a .pst file. This includes calendar, contact, tasks, journal, notes, and […]

7 11, 2005

Knowledge as Conversation

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Very interesting blog post on knowledge as a conversation:

Then the Internet happened and the world fell into conversation. It’s no longer a matter of getting reports back on the strange beliefs of distant lands — “Why, in China crickets are considered to be smart and monkeys to be dumb…Believe it or not!” — but […]

7 11, 2005

Breakdown of Media Content vs Blog Content

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Topix.net, one of my favorite news sources, is beginning to include blogs in it’s news coverage. While alone, this might not be considered huge news on the heels of Yahoo doing something similar, their research is fantastic.

Topix did a breakdown of traditional media topics vs blog topics and show the results here in a […]

4 11, 2005

Open Letter to Google & the Zeitgeist Conference

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Google has asked attendees of the 2005 Zeitgeist conference to not blog and write about it, and based on the information shared, I can fully agree with their request.

Being an off-the-record conference, the was an air of openness and idea sharing even between very strong competitors.

It’s this type of spirit, when one isn’t competiting, […]

28 10, 2005

NY Times on Blog Evangelists

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The NY Times has an interesting article on Blog Evangelists.

For these bloggers, intertwining their personal stories and commentaries gives them a stake in defining the brand’s image while linking them with fans of similar mind across the country.

“They feel like they own the brand, that it’s theirs,” Jackie Huba, author of the book “Creating […]

15 10, 2005

Jim on "Link Pages"

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Jim’s response to Rand, which is a response to a Highranks post.

I’m not completely positive link pages are dead – however, I do believe that no one should get all their links in the same manner.

The most common types of links are:
1. Recips
2. Directory Submissions
3. One way requests
4. Press Releases
5. Article Submissions & […]