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24 01, 2011

Feedburner + AdSense for Feeds + Moving a Blog = 301 Disasters. There’s an Easy Fix.

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We recently moved the blog from bgTheory to Certified Knowledge and three really bad things happened: Our FeedBurner account went crazy tweeting one of our blog posts (not even the latest one) every few hours Our Feed wasn’t being read correctly by any program that relied on […]

23 01, 2009

Do you miss Google Notebook? Two free fantastic alternatives.

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The death of Google notebook has caused issues for many.  While Google believes Google docs is the answer, I don’t think docs is a great place for notes. Google Docs is fantastic for collaboration; but isn’t an easy place to save and organize many notes.

Here are two fantastic alternatives to Google Notebook:
ZoHo Notebook
ZoHo […]

15 01, 2009

Did you forget about me? How to engage visitors who don’t interact with your website.

By |January 15th, 2009|Blogging, PPC Marketing Blog|7 Comments

There are visitors who you see in your analytics account each day.

And then there are those you forget.

Those forgotten visitors can still interact with your content, contact your business, forward along your information, and help your business reach it’s goals.

Think about the visitors who see your content off your website:

Are you counting emails?
What about […]

19 09, 2008

The Best Entertainment Distractions that Easily fit into your Computer Bag

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Being a frequent traveler you quickly have to learn how to relax on a daily 30 minute commute or a 5 hour cross country flight without carrying a 20lb backpack.

I’ve played with many distractions over time, and these are the best way to entertain yourself for minutes or hours that will easily slip into […]

12 09, 2008

Speed up WordPress by Trimming Your Bloated Database

By |September 12th, 2008|Blogging, PPC Marketing Blog|2 Comments

<new>I’m slowly cleaning up old drafts. This is one from 5 months ago before the redesign (and I’ve not reintegrated Google search yet). However, for those wordpress users – it’s a worthwhile read.</new>

I love analytics. No where else on the web can you get lost in the purity of statistics.

However, there’s a dark side […]

13 05, 2008

Primer: How to host your own online applications for non-techies

By |May 13th, 2008|eWhisper's Notebook, PPC Marketing Blog|2 Comments

Do you like the functionality of Google Docs, Flickr, Zoho, and Basecamp but don’t like paying subscription fees? Or, are you worried about the applications losing or deleting your accounts?

There’s a simple solution – host it yourself.

While hosting your own applications seems it’s only within the realm of techies, even non-techies can achieve application […]

6 05, 2008

You Host Provider can Paralyze your Website. Your Registrar can put you Out of Business.

By |May 6th, 2008|eWhisper's Notebook, PPC Marketing Blog|2 Comments

Hosts and registrar’s have different responsibilities. They both have supreme control your visibility online, and one should not use the same company for both – ever.

A host’s duties are to make sure your website is up, running, responsive, and give you support when something goes wrong.

A registrar’s duties are to keep your domain name […]

22 01, 2008

The SEMMYS, Controversy, and Analytics Blogs You Should Read

By |January 22nd, 2008|eWhisper's Notebook, PPC Tracking|1 Comment

Matt has taken the best posts from his feed reader over the past year and organized them into categories for judging the best posts of 2007. It’s usually easier to judge a blog then individual posts, so this is a pretty ambitious endeavor. Of course, the SEMMYS are highly controversial and generating its fair […]

22 01, 2008

Web Based Applications Need to Set Offline Data Free

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Do you use multiple computers?
Are any of your computers ever offline (plane flights)?
Do you use a mobile phone?
Do you write email or notes on your phone?
Does your phone sometimes lose Internet connection?
Have you ever lost work because you tried to save an online document (even an email draft) and lost the document because you […]

31 07, 2006

eWhisper's Favorite Marketing Newsletters

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I spend an hour on the train every day riding to and from work. While my little Vaio does have the ability to connect wirelessly to the Cingular network, I’ve found that moving so much makes my net access pretty limited during these trips. That’s where newsletters come in – offline access.

My favorite newsletters are the ones that have all the information contained in a single newsletter as I can read the entire article. The ones that have [continue this story] links are my least favorite as I often have to scan these newsletters before I hop on the train to open the fully story in my browser – or bookmark them for later reading.

Unfortunately, my later reading often doesn’t get done for months, and these articles never get read.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite newsletters. Many have options to receive full HTML versions that can be read in entirety offline. If you’re involved in search marketing, or wish to keep up with the industry, these newsletters are for you. […]