Advanced AdWords 2nd Edition Currently Available in Kindle Format – Others Coming Soon

9:00 am in PPC Marketing Blog by brad

The second edition of Advanced Google AdWords should be shipping to stores this week. Usually, it takes one to two weeks before a book is available on the store shelves.

Amazon is listing the ship date as April 24th; however, it would not surprise me if it shipped a few days earlier.

I have been assured by Wiley (my publisher) that the book will be available in the Kindle format by the 24th of April, but they are trying to make it available even sooner.

Update: The kindle version is now available at amazon

Regardless, before the end of the month the 2nd edition should be available online, in retail stores, and on the Kindle.

The companion site, Advanced AdWords Book should also be updated in the next week or two to reflect the new book.

You can preorder the physical book right now at Amazon.

I just received a nice image of the updated cover, which you can see here:


9781118194508 cover.indd

A lot of work went into the 2nd edition.

I hope you enjoy it Smile

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