Is Certified Knowledge Worth the Price?

We definitely believe so. We’re creative people driven by data; and therefore, answering a simple question like this requires data to back up our response.

Time Saving:

First, you should know what your time is worth. If you can call back customers and make $60 per hour or if you are billing $75/hour then you can very easily do a time comparison to determine if Certified Knowledge is worth it for you. If you can save just a few hours a month of time; then you will be making more overall revenue using Certified Knowledge.

You can easily save time by:

  • Using the report analyzer to determine where you are losing and making money by keyword, ad copy, landing page, etc…
  • Watch short informative videos on how to use Google’s features so you don’t have to hunt down information
  • Get additional questions answered in the forums
  • Build many ad copies quickly with the mass ad copy creator
  • Expand your keywords quickly with the keyword mixer tool

Building a large account can take ten, twenty, or even a hundred hours. The mass ad copy creator can easily save you a significant amount of time in building a large account. If you build one large account per year, Certified Knowledge can easily pay for itself.

Increased Revenue:

If you prefer to examine how much money Certified Knowledge save make (or save) you; then look no further than the tools and tutorials. By quickly finding places where you are losing money – you can lower those bids. When you find places that are making you money; you can increase bids or smile and enjoy the profits. Our report analyzer tool will easily give you insight.

Quality score is the most ambiguous number inside your AdWords account. However, that single number is responsible for much of the visibility you account will receive. If your quality score is under 7; then you should not be raising bids – you should be working on quality score. Raising your quality score can lower your CPCs and raise your account’s overall visibility. Our quality score tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about quality score. Our quality score tool will show you exactly where you need to raise your quality scores throughout your account.

Unfortunately, a lot of dollars are lost because you are buying clicks to pages that do not function. Our broken link finder tool can show you if you are sending traffic to pages that do not exist across your website.

If our tools and tutorials can raise your conversion rates by just a fraction (which is not difficult as Certified Knowledge  will provide you with many ideas and tools) then Certified Knowledge may pay for years of subscriptions within a month or two after joining.

No Gimmicks

What you will not find is us being associated with questionable content or practices. You will not see us holding a check and showing off how much money we’ve made. Those things happened in the past. You are the future. Therefore, we would rather judge our success on how successful we can help your marketing become in this digital age.

Low Price Point
Many advertisers cannot afford the expensive bid management tools. Regardless of your budget, every advertiser should have access to tools that will save them time in analyzing and managing PPC accounts.

The creators of Certified Knowledge have extensive backgrounds in creating tools and managing accounts. They have taken that knowledge and created tools for themselves to use in managing accounts, and are now releasing these tools to the general public

By combining excellent programming with the standard reports anyone can run for themselves within AdWords, these tools will help you optimize your accounts and your spends.

In addition to reporting options, you an easily create new AdWords accounts or expand your existing accounts with the keyword mixer tool, geographic keyword tool, and mass ad copy creation tools.

Finally, new tools will continue to be developed over time.

What will I find inside?

The AdWords help files can be convoluted at the best of times. At the worst of times, they are disorganized and are difficult to determine how you should create and manage accounts.

Certified Knowledge contains a vast number of training modules that are easily organized into logical progressions so that you can determine what you want to learn about, and then progress through the modules at your own pace.

As these modules are created by Brad Geddes, who has more than a decade of creating and managing accounts, you will not just hear the official Google line – you will get advice from those who have successfully built and managed accounts for years.

Community Forums & Communication
The PPC community is full of very smart individuals who have managed and grown accounts over time. The forum and messaging system allows advertisers to seek advice from other advertisers with personal tips and tricks. This is especially useful when new features are rolled out and tested, which happens quite often in the PPC world.

Simple to Understand
Brad Geddes is the author of Advanced Google AdWords , the most comprehensive and advanced book ever written about AdWords.

It is easy to make things complicated. It is difficult to make things simple. Our goal is to take complex concepts and boil them down into simple to understand language that will give you direction into not just how features work; but also give you strategies for using those features to increase profits.

Here is just one of many testimonials about the book – which is the same approach we take to our tools and training modules:

If Google set out to make AdWords simple—they failed. Brad steps into the breach and makes things clear, understandable and profitable for us mere mortals with a marketing background.

—Andy Atkins-Krüger, CEO WebCertain

What are the technical requirements needed to access Certified Knowledge?

Certified Knowledge is a web-based learning program. To get the most out of Certified Knowledge you will need:

  • A browser that support Flash
    • Our videos and training modules are built in Flash. While most browsers do support Flash, some devices such as the iPad do not offer Flash support and cannot view some of the training materials.
  • An internet connection (high speed is preferred. Some of our videos are long and while they will work on a dial-up connection, you may have to be patient while the videos load)
  • Access to the reporting interface of an AdWords account
    • Technically, you do not need access to an AdWords account to use Certified Knowledge. However, some of our tools work by importing AdWords reports. Therefore, having access to these reports is necessary to receive the full value of the toolset.
  • A spreadsheet program that can open .xls files (Any version of Excel after 2003 supports .xls files). Our tools support .csv, .xls (Excel 2003 and earlier), and .xlxs (Excel 2007 and later) imports. We export files in .xls files.

Will I receive custom consulting?

Certified Knowledge leverages the wisdom of crowds by allowing you to post and answer questions in our forums. You can ask (or answer) any marketing related question you desire. By allowing users to share ideas with others, you may receive more advice or suggestions that would ever come from a single source.

Our consulting rates generally start at $500 per hour (and go up depending on what you are trying to accomplish). Due to the price point of Certified Knowledge we cannot offer custom consulting for all Certified Knowledge users at our very low price points.

However, we will be monitoring and answering (and asking) questions in the forums so in many instances you will receive direct feedback from us.

What payment options do you support?

We accept Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

If you need another payment option, please contact us with your needs.

Can I change my payment method?

Of course. At anytime you can visit your membership page (located inside the membership section) and update or change your credit card.

Do you need access to my PPC accounts?

No. You never have to give us your AdWords or other PPC login information.

The tools work by having you run a report in AdWords and then uploading the report to the Certified Knowledge system. This way we never store your password or have access to your AdWords accounts.

Do you sell my PPC data?

Absolutely not. We would be upset if someone sold all of our extensive PPC data, and we treat our members the same way we would like to be treated. Your data will not be sold to third parties.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Most definitely. We believe in performance and if Certified Knowledge is not helping you wrestle higher revenues from AdWords then you should save your money.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, login to your account. Under the ‘my account’ link click to see your membership data. From there you can easily cancel your membership. Please note that we do not offer refunds for accounts canceled within a pay period.

Can I give you feedback on your tools or make suggestions for new tools and training modules?

Absolutely! We value all the feedback you can give us.

We’re building tools based upon what we need to manage our accounts; however, we understand that both our small and large accounts are different than your accounts. Therefore, any suggestions you have for feature enhancements to the current tools or suggestions for new ones will be taken into consideration for our tool production pipeline. The more feedback we receive, the better we can tailor new tools for different types of advertisers.

We have a list of more than 100 training modules that need to be created to ensure everyone has access to good information about most facets of AdWords. As soon as this content is finished; we will continue making new modules based upon user feedback, suggestions, and new features that have been released.