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About Certified Knowledge

Certified Knowledge was established in 2008, originally named bg Theory LLC, by Brad Geddes, a prominent figure in the Search Marketing industry. Our mission is to educate marketers in the best practices and principles of internet marketing. We offer multiple different learning styles including self-paced online courses, in-person live training events, webinars, radio shows, and private training and consulting.

Our Story…

Brad had been working in the internet marketing space for well over a decade, and many of those years were spent providing services for both agencies and companies. However, he noticed some larger trends within the industry:

  • Many businesses receive poor results when they market for themselves due to lack of education and time
  • Many agencies don’t achieve the necessary results for clients due to lack of time and education
  • Most of the education provided was done so by search engines and not by impartial 3rd parties

Brad wanted to provide impartial and expert advice to any business; agency, client, or even search engine employee to ensure they understood not just how PPC marketing functions, but how to best take advantage of the marketing opportunities provided.

It starts with education

Instead of offering services; we set out to empower businesses so anyone can be successful online. We first started by educating businesses.

Brad was one of the first (and very few) people who was approved by Google as a Certified AdWords Seminar Leader. He has spent thousands of hours creating and delivering presentations across the world to help educate business. Over the years, he perfected agendas to help guide anyone from a beginner to expert level user.

After talking with thousands of businesses throughout the years, he knew the processes, agendas, and learning cures associated with paid search. Armed with that knowledge, Brad created lesson plans, agendas, and training materials that culminated in well-organized video lessons to help any business learn PPC.

It continues with time management

Beyond just education, the other trend in the industry was either not working on an account for enough time or spending too much time on irrelevant activities.  Many agencies have a ‘get it good enough and forget about it’ mentality, and many businesses spend money on PPC but don’t really know what they should be doing.

This is compounded by the fact that most in-house managers are not full time on just PPC. The person might be the business owner, on the IT staff, or assigned to other job duties. PPC was the ‘other thing’ they had to do – and that lack of focus often creates underperforming accounts.

Over the years, Brad had helped many agencies and companies determine their workflows, processes, and developed systems for managing large data sets. Most companies do not have the need for overly complex processes when it comes to paid search. Once an account is created, it can often be managed in under an hour per day (and often even less); if you know the correct items to monitor, fix, and improve.

The next phase of Certified Knowledge was to create calendars and workflows for companies so they could make sure they were working on the correct items. These calendars are freely available to anyone.

It becomes effective with affordable tools

Once you know how something works, and you know what to do, the next step is doing it – and that often involves tools to make decisions and information processing much quicker and efficient.

There were many tools in the marketplace. However, these tools were often cost-prohibitive for many companies. We set out to correct that issue and took a very different route that other companies in the market. Most companies in the market use Google’s API to automate actions. While this is the most efficient way of making bulk changes within AdWords; it is also the most expensive. With the API, you need to pay for quotas, developers, support, infrastructure, and much more. So, we took a different path.

Instead of using the API, we built tools that utilized Google’s robust reporting capability and the free AdWords editor. By combining these two items together, some of our tasks take a few minutes longer than an API took; but at a substantially cheaper cost. We can offer all our tools as part of a monthly package at a flat rate where most tools are charging a percentage of spend with minimums that are often 10x or higher than our cost for education, time management, and tools.

Empowering Businesses

After working with so many companies over the years; we didn’t want to mange accounts – we wanted to empower businesses to get results for themselves (or their clients in the case of agencies).

By creating a system of education, workflow, and tools; now anyone can gain the knowledge, insight, and results necessary to create and effectively manage and grow their paid search account.

One of Brad’s favorite things to do is to watch companies succeed.

At Certified Knowledge, we now get to be a part of that process and see companies succeed all the time.

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